Big Ten’s Final Season Before Westward Expansion Brings Plenty of Drama On and Off the Field

This Big Ten season marks the end of an era. Starting next year, if Michigan and Ohio State go into their November matchup unbeaten, both teams would have a good chance to reach a 12-team playoff regardless of the result, unlike the current four-team qualifying system. The Big Ten will welcome Southern California, UCLA, Oregon, and Washington in 2024, further reshaping the league. The current version of the Big Ten is exiting with a bang, attracting attention due to on-field excellence and off-field drama. Ohio State and Michigan are both national title contenders, and the interest in their upcoming matchup has been amplified by a recent scandal. Teams like Iowa have managed to entertain despite sporting average statistics. Ohio State’s Marvin Harrison Jr. is one of the top Heisman Trophy contenders. The coaching carousel has started, with several coaching changes taking place. The class rankings according to 247 Sports show Ohio State taking the lead in the Big Ten. Oregon’s class is ranked at No. 6, and USC’s is at No. 18.