Bulgarian Soccer Federation President Under Investigation Following Violent Protests

Bulgaria’s chief prosecutor initiated an investigation into the country’s soccer management, focusing on federation president Borislav Mihaylov. The prime minister urged FIFA to remove Mihaylov and install interim management. The fans’ fury was triggered by the federation’s decision to play a match in an empty stadium and dissatisfaction with the national team’s decline, leading to protests and violent incidents. The government expressed concern over long-standing problems in soccer leadership and requested FIFA’s intervention. The national team has not qualified for a major tournament in 20 years, and fans have called for the resignations of the federation’s leaders. The investigation follows reports of misappropriation of funds and illicit betting schemes. Mihaylov’s leadership has been marred by controversies, including a racist scandal, disputed elections, and court cases. The investigation is linked to a match-fixing probe from 13 years ago involving a game against Estonia.