Chaos in Las Vegas as Ferrari Suffers Damage and Fans Forced to Leave F1 Practice Early

The Las Vegas Grand Prix Formula One Race delayed first practice
The first $500 million formula one race in Las Vegas had a bumpy opening. The reason is because Carlos Sainz Jr hit a water valve cover with his Ferrari. Moreover, this bad luck resulted in delaying the first practice. All track spectators, after the 90-minute session, were removed from viewing areas so that the $500 million race road could be returned to the Las Vegas commuters. The excitement was hyped until Carlos Sainz hit the concrete frame around the cover, forcing all cars off track, and the car inspection by FIA. The second practice session followed, after track repairs were completed. The Ferrari’s manager, Fred Vasser, expressed his outrage, saying the incident was unacceptable. The practice cost Ferrari and Sainz suffered a bad penalty. His car’s chassis had to be altered to set up the car for the extended practice, causing the penalty. Charles Leclerc managed to take Ferrari to the 1st position in the second practice. The moderator attempted to ask Vasseur about the “bigger picture” and Vasseur refused to change the topic saying he had a very tough FP1. The Mercedes principal, Toto Wolff, grew angry when the session was referred to as embarrassing by a reporter. He also believed that the race was going to be a tremendous event, saying that the drain cover incident was not significant. He went on to express his disdain for talk of the event being a black eye for the sport. The F1 race is being extensively advertised and has been promoted by F1 and Liberty Media, who have spent a great deal of money on the event. It has already moved to the stop for F1 this season in the United States and it’s becoming more popular. The FIA had not been able to inspect the circuit until shortly before the cars went on track due to traffic on the roads and the complaint of obstruction while racing was being built. Even though Ferrari’s manager said it would take “donations” to calm him down after the mishap, he praised the event along with other team management. Moreover, one team saying that the show was extraordinary and the race set a new standard for the sport.