CM Punk’s WWE Return Sparks Locker Room Drama: Not Here to Make Friends

CM Punk recently made a sensational return to the WWE, leaving the locker room split. Many stars are seeking assurances from Triple H following Punk’s return to the company after his departure from AEW earlier this year.

However, not everyone in the locker room is pleased with Punk’s return. WWE superstar Seth Rollins expressed discontent, stating that he did not want to associate with someone who nearly brought the company down.

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In response to the criticism, CM Punk made it clear on a recent episode of RAW that he is not in the company to make friends, but to make money. “I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to make money,” said Punk.

CM Punk originally left the WWE in 2014 following rumors of verbal altercations over his contract with WWE Chairman Vincent McMahon. His departure left a bitter taste for the company, the wrestler, and the fans. After nearly seven years away from live television, Punk made his return to professional wrestling with AEW in 2021.

However, his time with AEW was short-lived as he was released due to disciplinary issues after a backstage fight with fellow wrestler Jack Perry. A committee reportedly led by Bryan Danielson decided to remove Punk from the roster.

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CM Punk’s last official match in the WWE was in 2014 at the Royal Rumble event, where he competed in the 30-man battle royal.

During the match, Punk appeared to be a potential winner before being eliminated by Kane. This marked his last appearance in an official match for the WWE.

No official matches for Punk in the WWE have been confirmed yet, but fans are eager to see what storyline the company will develop for the veteran superstar.