Emma Hayes Named Next US Women’s Soccer Coach, Takes Over in May

Chelsea’s Emma Hayes was formal new U.S. women’s team head coach, but won’t coach until May. Interim coach Twila, lead team till after. Financial terms not disclosed, U/S/ said be “highest paid women’s soccer coach in the world.” After Chelsea’s 3-0 over Everton, Hayes resigned to spend time with son due to long hours. She succeeds Andonovski, who resigned following Women’s World Cup poor showing. Andonovski, U.S. coach from 10/2019, 51-5-9 with the team, 3-2-5 major tournaments. The US has only 2 remaining exhibition matches, against China on 12/2 and 12/5.

Hayes will have only four exhibition matches before the Olympics. U.S. Soccer Sporting Director Matt C. led a global coach search. U.S. Soccer President Cindy P. Cone called Hayes a “fantastic leader and world class coach”. Hayes has led Chelsea to several domestic titles. She previously coached in the United States.