Everton Hit with Record-Breaking 10-Point Deduction for Financial Rule Violation in EPL History

The Premier League’s 31-year history is marked by Everton’s financial breach that led to a 10 point deduction on Friday, plummeting the team close to last place in standings and endangering their 70-year top division status. According to an independent commission, Everton made a loss of over 124.5 million pounds in the 2021-22 season, surpassing the 105 million pounds financial rules threshold, thus facing the sanctions. Everton expressed shock and disappointment by the ruling, announcing that it would appeal. The club refused the commission’s finding and believes the imposed sanction to be unjust. Everton is closely monitoring other cases related to the league’s financial rules, involving Manchester City and Chelsea.

Results point out that both Middlesbrough and Portsmouth faced relegation after receiving point deductions in previous Premier League seasons. The Everton case was sparked by a complaint from five rival teams concerning financial rule bending, and those teams were notified of their options to pursue a claim of compensation.

Moshiri, the majority owner of Everton, has invested approximately 750 million pounds during his tenure at the club, and the commission considered his wealth before punishing the club with a sporting sanction instead of a financial one. The commission reasoned that a financial penalty was not sufficient and that the extent, not the form, of the sanction, is at issue. For more information, visit- https://apnews.com/hub/soccer