Exclusive Interview: AEW’s Serena Deeb Updates Fans on Her Return After Recovering From Seizures

AEW star Serena Deeb recently revealed the reason for her hiatus from the wrestling circuit. Amid speculation about her departure, Deeb took to Instagram to share a video addressing her absence. She explained that she had experienced three unprovoked seizures since October, forcing her to step away from the ring. Despite undergoing tests and seeing multiple doctors, Deeb initially struggled to pinpoint the cause of her health issues. This led her to study seizures and gain a greater understanding of the condition. Expressing empathy for others dealing with seizures, Deeb emphasized the importance of support and reassured those in similar situations that there is hope. She also announced that she is ready to return to wrestling and is looking forward to making a comeback on AEW in the near future. Deeb parted ways with WWE in 2020 and signed with AEW, debuting in September of that year. She remained a fixture on AER television until last October. Her last appearance was on AEW Dark: Elevation.