How Signal Jammers Prevent Terrorist Attacks

Terrorism is a problem that has been plaguing the world for decades now. Terrorist attacks claim countless lives each year, and the activities of various groups that perform acts of terrorism have sparked countless wars as well. It’s estimated that since the start of the 21st century, terrorist attacks have resulted in over 140,000 deaths. This is a huge number, and it makes the task of preventing terrorist attacks from occurring one of the most essential things that anyone could ever take part in.

There are a number of techniques that are used for the purposes of stopping terrorists in their tracks. A really common attack that terrorists use involves remotely detonated bombs. These bombs are often strapped to a phone. The terrorists call the phone once the bomb is in position and the bomb causes it to detonate. Many law enforcement agencies use signal jamming in an attempt to make remote-controlled bombs more difficult to use.

The way this works is that the law enforcement agency would ascertain high-risk areas during high-risk time periods and place various jammers in several locations. Since there won’t be any telecom signals in that area, any bomb that may have been planted wouldn’t go off even if the terrorists tried to activate it.

This is one huge example of how this kind of technology has benefited people and made the world a better and much safer place all in all. Jammers have a lot of uses to them, and it’s because of false preconceptions that people have surrounding such devices that they aren’t becoming as widespread as they need to be. If jammers become more prevalent a lot of crimes will cease to exist.

How Signal Jammers Prevent Terrorist Attacks
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