How to watch series and movies online?

How to watch series and movies online?

And there it is, it’s confined. It is an effective reality. Many of you find yourselves helpless, locked in your homes. What to do? How to occupy your days? Obviously, you will be able to enjoy yourself with series broadcast on the main streaming platforms. Now is the time to catch up or discover new programs that are sure to relax you and occupy your days. However, given the current offer, how do you choose the right streaming platform? Which one has the best deal? At what price? Today, you will know everything!

Focus on streaming platforms

Maybe you haven’t yet succumbed to the subscription to a streaming platform? However, there is no shortage of offers, this sector becoming more and more competitive. With the current confinement and the weeks ahead of them complicated, it is undoubtedly the time to take the plunge. However, between the one who tells you that the best is Netflix and the one who tells you that the offer is better on Amazon or fmovies when the unconditional fan who suggests you wait for the launch of Disney + hard to make the right choice! The catalog is obviously important. But the price is also. You have to take into account different parameters to choose the right streaming platform.


It is obviously the most famous streaming platform to watch movies online, with more than 130 million subscribers worldwide. The service has been available since 2014 and currently has the largest SVOD catalog. The target is rather young, even if everyone can find what they are looking for. On the other hand, there are few recent films, which is unconditionally its weakest point. It should be noted that French law has ruled on the chronology of the media, which prevents Netflix from offering recent films to French subscribers. Netflix is currently available on Internet boxes, on the computer or even as a mobile application.

Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video platform was launched in 2006, but so far it has been little known. It was not until 2013 that the platform offered original content such as Goliath or The Man in the High Castle. There are also new programs and popular documentaries. Those who are subscribed to Amazon Prime (and can receive their orders in 24 hours) pay 49.99 € per year benefit automatically. For others, you have to pay 5. € 99 per month to benefit from the service. It is accessible via an application on a smartphone, on a computer or on Apple TV. For the moment, the platform does not yet know the success of Netflix, but it is starting to be a resounding success.

Disney +

This is the most anticipated arrival of the year in the streaming platform industry. Indeed, Disney is launching its own platform on March 24. You can find famous cartoons, the Star Wars sagas, the Marvel universe, and many television series. Disney + has already been available in some countries and in particular in the United States since November 2019. The success is obviously there. It is a platform that offers content suitable for both children and adults.

How to watch series and movies online?
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