Italy vs Ukraine: Euro 2024 Qualifying Showdown Albania and Slovenia on track for Euro 2024 Advance

The European Championship qualifiers is reaching the final rounds as Italy, Albania, and Slovenia are all battling for their place in the tournament. Italy, the defending champion, needs a strong finish to secure their spot, while Albania and Slovenia could clinch surprising group victories. Romania is also a surprise contender for Euro 2024, though Israel still has an outside chance to advance. Eight teams have already qualified, including France, England, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Scotland, and Turkey. The Netherlands, Hungary, and Serbia are also on track to confirm their qualification. Three more teams will advance from a 12-team playoff in March. Italy faces a crucial game against Ukraine and needs to secure a win to move forward. The final round of qualifiers is expected to be full of suspense and drama as teams battle it out for their spot in the highly anticipated tournament.