Liverpool’s Luis Diaz’s Father Opens up About Kidnapping Ordeal, Decides to Remain in Colombia

Luis Diaz’s father recounts harrowing kidnap ordeal and vows to stay in Colombia. He stated that he will keep living in Colombia after enduring nearly two weeks of captivity by guerrillas, marked by sleepless nights and exhausting days of horseback riding through the mountains. Despite the ordeal, Diaz said he wants to stay in his hometown in Colombia to be with his family. Diaz’s recapture has sparked criticism of the peace talks between the government and the ELN guerrilla group. The rebels made the mistake of kidnapping him while in the midst of peace negotiations. Luis Manuel Diaz vowed to continue living in Colombia after being held hostage by ELN guerrillas. His aspiration is to continue living in his town given the strong government support. Despite the traumatic experience, Diaz expressed hope for peace in Colombia and wished for all hostages to be set free. The rebels kidnapped him despite ongoing peace negotiations with the government, revealing a lack of control over their rank and file. Although the ELN is partaking in peace talks with the government, they continue to be accused of kidnapping, drug trafficking, and illegal activities. Diaz Sr. is the founder of the only football academy in Barrancas and played a pivotal role in his son’s football journey.