Olympic Shooting Trials Set to Begin May 3 in Two Cities

The NRAI will conduct the 2024 Paris Olympics selection trials for pistol and rifle events from May 3 and 23 in New Delhi and Bhopal respectively. The trials will occur at the Karni Singh ranges and Bhopal, with amended criteria for selecting the squad. The amended policy is based on each shooter getting a Final Average Score (FAS), computed by taking the average of the top-three Olympic Selection Trial scores plus the quota bonus point. The new policy has done away with the bag of points that winners used to get prior to the 2020 Tokyo Games. The eligibility criteria for shooters to compete in the trials have been fixed by the NRAI. The criteria state that all Olympic quota holders, deemed quota holders, athletes with a domestic ranking of 1-3, and others will be eligible to participate in the trials. A ‘deemed quota holder’ is one who was eligible to win a quota but was not awarded as India had already earned a maximum of two quotas. A country can earn a maximum of only two Olympic quota places per event in shooting sport.