Pogba’s Potions: Inside the Secret World of Witch Doctors in France

Sheikh Issa, who asked us to modify his name, mentioned, “There’s a lot of jealousy in football.” That’s why numerous professional athletes visit the African faith healer in the Paris suburbs looking for ways to protect themselves from the “evil eye” and other afflictions. They also follow all the action from the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, including the schedule, results, and points table. Additionally, players are competing in the World Cup 2023 Most Runs and World Cup 2023 Most Wickets charts.

Sheikh Issa provided an example of treating a player injured in big games. His work as a “traditional practitioner” includes assistance to those in need of spiritual healing. Elite sports people “regularly turn to witch doctors and to the paranormal,” claimed Joel Thibault, an evangelical pastor who advises French striker Olivier Giroud and other top athletes.

This trend has recently come to the public’s attention when Pogba was targeted in an alleged extortion attempt last year and reportedly turned to a witch doctor to hex Mbappe. However, these allegations were denied by both Pogba and the healer. This practice persists in France, with three out of 10 people prone to believing in some sort of sorcery.

Sheikh Issa has been trained as a healer and uses various natural elements for his work. His clients mainly consist of African and South Asian individuals, along with some from the French Caribbean and France itself. The faith healers have adapted to the struggles of their French clients, and they have gained a following from various societal backgrounds. The clients seek help for emotional and health-related matters and allow for their belief in healing to have a positive impact.

Raymond visited Sheikh Issa’s consulting room seeking relief from a spell cast by his ex-wife. He had sought comfort at a prophetic African church and later consulted with multiple healers, who he felt only took his money. After consulting with Sheikh Issa, he claimed to have regained his health.

However, some healers have been known to exploit vulnerable individuals and charge substantial sums for their services. This has led to a dependency on witch doctors among individuals who face difficulties. In the sporting world, superstition is commonplace, and athletes seek assistance from these healers to overcome various challenges._THRESH_END_