Prime Minister Modi Commends Saira Banu’s Contributions to Cinema During Meeting

Saira Banu is one of the most iconic stars in the Bollywood industry. Having commenced her career with cult classic Junglee in 1961, Banu proceeded to impress the viewers with several other projects. Recently, the actress met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and while sharing some pictures, the PM poured adulation on her.

We had a great conversation on a wide range of subjects: Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he meets Saira Banu

Taking to his X (formerly Twitter) account last night, the Prime Minister of India shared insights into his meeting with veteran actress Saira Banu along with a few photographs.

Sharing two pictures with the legendary actress, Narendra Modi hailed her for her contributions to the world of cinema and wrote in the caption, “It was wonderful to meet Saira Banu Ji. Her pioneering work in the world of cinema is admired across generations. We had a great conversation on a wide range of subjects.

Saira Banu on working on Junglee

The actress had earlier shared some insights into how she worked alongside Shammi Kapoor on her movie Junglee. She recalled shooting the song Kashmir Ki Kali and recollected how experienced a huge crowd there.

She stated how it was the first time that she witnessed being in such a congested area wherein tourists roamed around and clicked pictures of the surroundings. Due to that, she faced trouble in shooting and recalled breaking down into tears and she could not film a particular scene with Kapoor.

“But then in a while, I pulled up my dupatta around my waistline in a show of defiance and uttered “Main Karke Dikhaugi,” Banu recalled. She continued to delve into her experience at length and said that her co-star Shammi Kapoor was a ‘darling’ to helped her carve her way out of the tough situation and said that apart from this, another witty and intriguing incident had taken place during the shoot of Kashmir Ki Kali and noted that she will be delving on it soon.