Qatar Coach Carlos Queiroz Praises India’s ‘Unwavering Determination and Resilience’ in Far From Easy Match

Qatar Coach Carlos Queiroz (AIFF Photo)

Qatar head coach Carlos Queiroz, though, maintained that his side deserved to emerge victorious against India in their World Cup qualifier.

Carlos Queiroz was a happy man after Qatar swatted aside India 3-0 in their FIFA World Cup 2026 and AFC Asian Cup Saudi Arabia 2027 Joint Qualification clash at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar on Tuesday.

Moustafa Mashal, Almeoz Ali, and Yousef Abdurisag scored the goals as Qatar stayed top of the group with back-to-back wins in the World Cup qualifiers.

“From my perspective, we fully deserved to emerge victorious in this game, as we fielded the best possible team on the pitch. However, it is important to note that the game was far from easy. Maintaining control from the very beginning, asserting dominance in terms of attacking movements, and ensuring steadfast defensive control and organization required considerable skill and determination. Our players performed admirably against a team that displayed unwavering determination and resilience,” he added.

India’s game on the day Carlos praised the Indian team and lauded their efforts, as he said, “Despite exerting immense pressure since scoring the opening goal, we made every effort to control the game by pressing the opposing players, pressing the ball, and pressing all over the field. “However, our adversaries displayed unwavering determination and never relented. This compelled our team to exert even more effort, as not a single moment was granted by the Indian team to secure a respite and score the three goals,” he added.

Qatar secured the tied five minutes from time as Yusuf Abdurisag’s headed in the third.

Qatar had defeated Afghanistan 8-1 but Carlos said, “In our group, we hold the belief that there is always room for improvement, regardless of the outcome.

Whether we win or not, we strive to constantly progress and be better,” he said “This explains why even when we achieve a victory with a score of 8-1, we do not consider it sufficient; we always aim for more. Similarly, even a 3-0 win falls short of our expectations, as we continuously seek to push our limits,” he added.