Report: WWE in the Works for a ‘Highly Anticipated Dream Match’ Featuring CM Punk

Wrestling superstar CM Punk (WWE)

People within WWE pushing for CM Punk to face ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin at some point in future.

After a long wait and endless series of rumors, the much-awaited return of Phil Brooks, aka CM Punk, finally took place. One of the finest professional wrestlers ever, Punk appeared during the last phase of the Survivor Series show in his hometown of Chicago. Needless to say, Punk’s return left WWE fans simply awestruck. Many have already even started speculating about Punk’s future in WWE. A latest report, on this matter, published by Fightful Select, has now claimed that “a major dream match could be happening if all goes well.” It is being learnt that as per Fightful Select, people within WWE have been pushing for Punk to face ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin at some point in future.

It is still not certain if the idea of holding a battle like this has been brought up to CM Punk or Steve Austin. One source is understood to have said that the proposal might have been shared with Punk and WWE. Fightful Select was, however, not aware of any personal feud between the two star wrestlers.

Meanwhile, CM Punk completed his return to WWE after a gap of nine years. Punk had left WWE in 2014. Following his departure from WWE, Punk joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

CM Punk’s return to WWE has already proved to be beneficial. The wrestling promotion has reportedly surpassed its social media record over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, with Punk’s comeback at Survivor Series. A report published by news agency AP claimed that Punk’s return helped WWE in garnering more than 71 million views across all of the sports entertainment company’s platforms.

The report went on to suggest that the previous record was a handheld video of Logan Paul as he jumped from the ropes during a fight. That video had reportedly amassed more than 40 million views across Paul’s and WWE social media platforms in less than 24 hours.