Review About BuyBitcoin101

Review About BuyBitcoin101 is the easiest way to get started with buying Bitcoin, providing clear guides on how to purchase Bitcoins instantly via PayPal, credit card, debit card and more. The website BuyBitcoin101 provides a simple step-by-step process for getting started buying Bitcoin today!

How did you come up with the idea of BuyBitcoin101?

My name is Kathrine S. Fleming, founder & CEO of Paytopia (BuyBitcoin101). After years of working as a CPA, I have recently left my job at PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP in New York City to pursue what I always wanted to do – help people and make a real difference in their lives. I have always wanted to have a business that impacts people’s lives. In fact, while working at PwC, I spent months researching and planning for BuyBitcoin101. After years of saving, I finally hit the “point of no return” where it was either quit my job or jump into BuyBitcoin101 full time! It has been one of the hardest but best decisions in my life thus far.

How did you discover Bitcoin? What was your first impression when you discovered what it is all about?

The moment I heard about Bitcoin from a friend back in 2013, my mind went crazy as an entrepreneur thinking about all the ways this new technology could be used. It truly has the potential to change the world. I went over to bitcoin and started reading everything I could. My first impressions of Bitcoin were that it was a way for people to store value anonymously, which is one of its core features. The public ledger is such an amazing invention as well!

What inspired you to start your company?

BuyBitcoin101 really came about by listening closely and observing my friends’ needs when it came time for them to buy their first bitcoin. There are plenty of resources on how to learn about Bitcoin but none that helped someone purchase their first Bitcoin right away – this was something that needed to be addressed immediately! As an entrepreneur with experience in cryptocurrency trading, I felt like I had a solid set of skills that would enable me to get BuyBitcoin101 off the ground. Fast forward to today, and I have been able to take on an awesome team that helps lead our vision and build out all the different features we have designed for our site. Read more info here

What was your biggest challenge when you started?

BuyBitcoin101’s biggest challenge so far has been convincing people how revolutionary Bitcoin is, yet simultaneously show them how easy it can be to use! Our goal at BuyBitcoin101 is for anyone – regardless of technological background – be able to come onto the platform and buy their first Bitcoin in under 5 minutes or even less time than that in some cases. It is difficult getting across this message while taking into consideration whether or not our audience members have any prior experience with Bitcoin. Sometimes a short video is the best way to explain it, so we’ve done that on BuyBitcoin101!

How did you overcome this challenge?

The most effective ways we have found to introduce people to Bitcoin are through videos and pictures. In fact, words on their own don’t do much justice at times for how innovative and interesting Bitcoin really is – I think you can only truly appreciate its power when you see how something like: “You never actually own your bitcoin” (simple concept in reality) or “the block size debate has been raging on for over 2 years” just simply makes more sense after watching videos about these topics on BuyBitcoin101! However, as noted

Review About BuyBitcoin101
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