Ruhaan Alva and Arjun S Nair Secure Victory at 26th JK Tyre National Racing Championship

The LGB Formula 4 title was won by Ruhaan Alva, while Arjun S Nair secured the Novice Cup in the 26th JK Tyre National Racing Championship at the Kari Motor Speedway in Chettipalayam. Alva had a 20-point lead over Arya Singh of Dark Don Racing, which was enough to secure the title with only one race left. However, Arya and drivers from the Momentum Motorsport team appealed to the Indian Motor Sports Appeal Court (IMSAC) and got their points back, leading to a post-event scrutiny and a change in the standings. Alva still emerged as the winner with 82 points. Nair won the Novice Cup with ease, while Abhishek Vasudev, Jagadeesh Nagara, and Ullas S Nanda took the top three spots in the GT Cup. Sarvesh Balappa, Sachin Jothees, and S Govindharaj claimed the top three positions in the 250 Cup trophy.