Russia and IOC Clash at UN as Member States Pass Olympic Truce Resolution for Paris Games

The International Olympic Committee clashed with Russia at the UN before 118 member states adopted an Olympic Truce resolution around the 2024 Paris Summer Games. Russia, who voted for the previous Olympic Truce resolution two years ago, was the only country alongside Syria that abstained from Tuesday’s vote. This year, 118 out of 193 member states backed the truce resolution. The Olympic Truce is a revival of an ancient Greek tradition and will run from July 19 through September 15. The purpose of the Truce is to ensure safe passage for athletes to the games. UN General Assembly vice president Mohan Pieris said, “The Olympics Games stand as a symbol of tolerance, peace and cooperation among diverse peoples, cultures and nations.” The IOC leader, Bach, emphasized the relevance of the Olympic Truce resolution in the midst of wars and crises. Yet Russian delegate, Maria Zabolotskaya, criticized the IOC for a double-standard in treatment of Russian and Belarusian athletes. She accused the IOC leadership of violating basic human rights and said that Russia is “in favor of honest and fair competitions.” The Ukrainian delegate called for a ban on all Russian athletes from the Paris Olympics. The Belarus delegate, however, expressed hope that common sense will prevail in Olympic circles.