Shooting Federation Implements New Paris Olympics Selection Policy with Bonus Points Reduction

The NRAI will only award two bonus points to Olympic quota winners in fire-arm category and one to air weapons shooters. Previously, an Olympic quota winner earned as many as 10 bonus points for clinching a World Championship gold, while a fourth-place finisher got five points. These bonus points gave shooters who earned quota places for the country in events such as the World Cups, World Championships and Asian events, a huge advantage over other Olympic aspirants. But with shooters going without a medal in the last two Olympics, the NRAI has amended the policy. As per the amended policy, only one or two bonus points, depending on the event, will be added to the average of three scores for quota winners in Olympic trials. An Olympic quota in shooting is won by the country and not by an individual, so the federation wants to ensure that the gap between quota winners and the next in line is within limits in a sport where scores in decimals can make a difference between victory and defeat. Furthermore, the federation has set the eligibility for the Olympic selection trials in May, which will be a competition between the top-five shooters in each category.