Sunil Chhetri Confident In Facing Kuwait’s Playing Style in FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier

[ID=0 class=story_para_0]Sunil Chhetri is optimistic about the Indian team’s prospects in the FIFA World Cup 2026. The 39-year-old believes the team is more prepared than ever, with ample game time under their belts.

[ID=1 class=story_para_1]Chhetri will lead India into the qualifiers with a strong sense of confidence.

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[ID=4 class=story_para_4]”A lot of boys have taken their places in the team. And that is why we are probably more prepared,” Chhetri mentioned while speaking to AIFF.

[ID=5 class=story_para_5]Chhetri underlined the significance of the team’s decent game time, emphasizing that it has prepared them well for the upcoming matches.

[ID=6 class=story_para_6]”So I think whenever we play these teams, we might play good or bad, but we will not be surprised by what we are playing against,” Chhetri commented on India’s familiarity with their opponents.

[ID=7 class=story_para_7]Chhetri highlighted the team’s knowledge of their rivals and the lack of surprise factor while facing them on the field.

[ID=8 class=story_para_8]Teamwork is expected to be a vital component of India’s strategy, according to Chhetri.

[ID=9 class=story_para_9]”It’s a team that has played together for some time. And a lot of youngsters are there. Yes, we look good,” Chhetri stated about the strength of the team.

[ID=10 class=story_para_10]Chhetri acknowledged the reliance on hard work, team spirit, and unity, differentiating India’s approach from that of other teams.

[ID=11 class=story_para_11]For India to succeed on foreign soil, Chhetri emphasized the need for hard work and methodological adjustments.

[ID=12 class=story_para_12]India’s home success needs to be translated to away games, Chhetri pointed out.

[ID=13 class=story_para_13]According to Chhetri, India has to rectify their approach to secure a place among the top 18 teams in Asia for the next round.

[ID=14 class=story_para_14]Chhetri expressed confidence in India’s preparation and the potential to secure automatic qualification for the next round of the World Cup qualifiers and the Asian Cup.

[ID=15 class=story_para_15]Chhetri’s upcoming pre-World Cup journey will be his fourth appearance, establishing an Indian record.

[ID=16 class=story_para_16]Chhetri attributed his success to teamwork, reiterating the emphasis on collective effort.

[ID=17 class=story_para_17]Chhetri emphasized the importance of the entire team being well-prepared and informed for the upcoming challenges.

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[ID=19 class=story_para_19]Chhetri highlighted the potential challenges of playing Kuwait in their home country with the local fans’ support.

[ID=20 class=story_para_20]The match against Kuwait is expected to pose challenges, with Chhetri emphasizing the need for India to minimize mistakes.

[ID=21 class=story_para_21]Chhetri concluded with the acknowledgment of the pressure and difficulty in facing Kuwait in their home country.