Telugu Yoddhas: Primed for Success in Second Season of Ultimate Kho-Kho with a Strong Lineup

The Telugu Yoddhas are gearing up for the new season of the Ultimate Kho-Kho franchise after putting together a strong squad in the most recent draft. With a mix of experienced players and emerging talent, the Yoddhas are aiming to improve upon their runners-up finish from last season.

The team has retained three players from the previous season and added 22 new players to their roster. Among the notable picks are all-rounder Adhithya Ganpule and attacker Rahul Mansaram Mandal, both of whom had impressive performances in the league’s inaugural season.

Looking ahead to the new season, Mr. PKSV Sagar, CEO of GMR League Games Pvt. Ltd., expressed his excitement for the upcoming competition. He sees potential in the league to grow and develop similar to the way they have supported Kabaddi.

In the past season, the Telugu Yoddhas demonstrated a commanding offensive performance, winning six out of their ten matches and boasting the highest point difference in the league. Despite their strong showing, they narrowly missed out on the championship title by just one point.

With a 25-player squad in place for the upcoming season, the Telugu Yoddhas are well-positioned to make a run for the championship. The team is confident in its abilities and is looking forward to the challenge ahead.