The Clash of Rajasthan United FC and Sreenidi Deccan FC: Watch the Live Football Streaming of the I-League Match

The article about the live streaming details of the upcoming I-League match between Rajasthan United Football Club and Sreenidi Deccan Football Club is as follows:

Rajasthan United Football Club will face Sreenidi Deccan Football Club in an I-League match on Thursday, November 23. The match will take place at the Deccan Arena in Hyderabad, Telangana. Rajasthan United has only managed one win so far in the I-League, while Sreenidi Deccan has three wins out of five games. The match is set to commence at 7:00 pm IST and will be broadcasted live on Eurosport Network in India. Additionally, live streaming will be available on FanCode. Predicted line-ups for both teams have also been provided.