Unprecedented Protest Banners Condemning Corruption in Premier League Soar over Etihad Stadium During Manchester City vs Liverpool Match

The Etihad Stadium saw a protest banner reading “Premier League = Corrupt” during Manchester City’s match against Liverpool. The banner was flown by Everton supporters group 1878s in response to their club’s 10-point deduction for breaching financial rules. The ruling dropped Everton into the relegation zone, sparking outrage among fans. This protest followed an earlier plane carrying a banner from Amnesty International demanding the release of Ahmed Mansoor, who is imprisoned in the UAE and has ties to City owner Sheikh Mansour. The protests are set to continue as Everton plans more demonstrations during their match against Manchester United. City manager Guardiola defended the club, claiming innocence until proven guilty, while Everton manager Sean Dyche expressed shock at the punishment. Amnesty International emphasized the importance of freedom of expression in demanding Mansoor’s release.