Why using Top 10 RDP Hosting Servers

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many businesses have had to virtualize themselves almost overnight, to allow their employees to work from home. Businesses have mobilized their business continuity plans, disaster recovery plans or pandemic policies and are rushing to put the necessary infrastructure in place to support the work-from-home initiative. Much of this infrastructure consists of VPNs that businesses have traditionally used to connect remotely to the office network and to computers. Companies that use this traditional solution use to be all too familiar with the problems that come with it.

Use a reliable source

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol: Unlike VPN, if you Buy RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) it eliminates the possibility of inadvertent infection for the simple reason that RDP does not allow file transfer between the remote machine (home PC) and the corporate environment. With RDP, you connect directly to an office computer with your specific profile.

RDP allows you to connect directly to your desktop PC, so you need to enter your username and password. RDP will then load your profile and your desktop. Once loaded, the remote computer screen will display the same image as your desktop computer, just as if you were sitting in front of your computer in the office.

From then on, you happen to be working right on your desktop PC, so you can open any of your files, folders, icons, programs, email, or whatever you need. It will also allow you to access network resources such as mapped drives, printers, and several more, just like when you are sitting at your desk.

Additionally, RDP enables printing locally to printers that are configured on the remote home computer.

One thing to mention when using RDP: the office computer is no longer available to other users since you have taken possession of it remotely.

How to connect to an RDP server?

For this you require an application called Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). This tool is free to download from Microsoft’s website – you can download it here.

Once downloaded to your computer or laptop, install and launch it. The tool is depicted in the image below.

To connect to your RDP server, all you need happens to be an IP address from your RDP and a combination of username and password. Your RDP hosting provider will give you these details after you purchase an RDP server.

Normally the RDP administration plan means that you have full control over this server and can do whatever you want on this server. You will be able to install any software or application you want to run on this server, for example.

On the other hand, if you buy a cheap RDP server, you will have less control over that server and you will not be able to install any application or software on this machine. Which are pre-installed on this machine.

If you need specific software, you should ask your hosting provider to do it for you.

Why using Top 10 RDP Hosting Servers
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